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My vision of self-keeping goes beyond self-care and includes the land.

It’s about embracing responsibility and accountability for oneself, owning and protecting your well-being on all levels including our one home.

I want us to treat the Earth and everything on it as we treat ourselves – with utmost care and respect.

At the heart of Fleurish Goods Co. is my commitment to promoting well-being through consciously crafted goods and environmental responsibility.

Plant-based ingredients

Fleurish Goods Co. is dedicated to using sustainable, organic, and responsible ingredients.

My journey starts with soil and seeds. With love and care I sow, tend, nourish, and harvest to create products that are truly handcrafted – not just handmade.

I selectively cultivate plants and carefully harvest them using sustainable methods.

When I have to purchase ingredients I seek out quality vegetable oils, plant-based butters, clay, and steam distilled hydrosols and essential oils that are grown and produced as close to home as possible.

I do not use synthetic fragrances or petroleum chemicals in any of my products. I strive to create products that help both you and our planet thrive.

Responsible sourcing

I strive to be accountable stewards of the Earth in every business decision I make.

For ingredients that I do not grow, packaging, tools, and containers, I partner with ethical suppliers, always starting as close to home as possible.

Sustainable packaging

My minimal packaging and containers are first reusable, then compostable, and finally recyclable materials. So even if you can’t find a way to give them new life, someone else will.

Before you toss that leftover container, I’ll show you how easy it is to clean + repurpose:

  1. Remove any labels, then wash with hot soapy water (dish soap works best) until all product residue has been removed.
  2. Now you can reuse it as a planter, pencil cup, storage container, and more.

Thanks for helping me reduce waste by reusing.